Greedy, A-Star, and Dijkstra’s Algorithms in Finding Shortest Path


  • Muhammad Rhifky Wayahdi Department of Information System, Faculty of Technology, Battuta University, Indonesia
  • Subhan Hafiz Nanda Ginting Department of Information System, Faculty of Technology, Battuta University, Indonesia
  • Dinur Syahputra Department of Information System, Faculty of Technology, Battuta University, Indonesia



Greedy algorithm, A-Star algorithm, Dijkstra’s algorithm, Path finding, Shortest path


The problem of finding the shortest path from a path or graph has been quite widely discussed. There are also many algorithms that are the solution to this problem. The purpose of this study is to analyze the Greedy, A-Star, and Dijkstra algorithms in the process of finding the shortest path. The author wants to compare the effectiveness of the three algorithms in the process of finding the shortest path in a path or graph. From the results of the research conducted, the author can conclude that the Greedy, A-Star, and Dijkstra algorithms can be a solution in determining the shortest path in a path or graph with different results. The Greedy algorithm is fast in finding solutions but tends not to find the optimal solution. While the A-Star algorithm tends to be better than the Greedy algorithm, but the path or graph must have complex data. Meanwhile, Dijkstra's algorithm in this case is better than the other two algorithms because it always gets optimal results.


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