Text Detection Based on Faster R-CNN Algorithm with Skip Pooling and Fusion of Hindi Handwritten Characters


  • Abhishek Mehta Department of Computer and Informative Science, Sabarmati University, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India
  • Subhashchandra Desai Department of Computer and Informative Science, Sabarmati University, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India
  • Ashish Chaturvedi Department of Computer and Informative Science, Sabarmati University, Formerly Calorx Teachers' University, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India




object detection, Faster R-CNN, skip pooling, guided anchor RPN


Significant learning is at present the standard system for object disclosure. Speedier territory based convolutional neural association (Faster R-CNN) has a basic circumstance in significant learning. It has stunning area impacts in standard scenes. Regardless, under unprecedented conditions, there can even now be inadmissible acknowledgment execution, for instance, the thing having issues like hindrance, contorting, or little size. This paper proposes a novel and improved estimation reliant on the Faster R-CNN framework got together with the Faster R-CNN figuring with skip pooling and mix of consistent information. This computation can improve the revelation execution under uncommon conditions dependent on Faster R-CNN. The improvement basically has three segments: The underlying portion adds a setting information incorporate extraction model after the conv5_3 of the convolutional layer; the resulting part adds skip pooling so the past can totally secure the coherent information of the article, especially for conditions where the thing is hindered and distorted; and the third part replaces the area recommendation association (RPN) with a more capable guided anchor RPN (GA-RPN), which can keep up the survey rate while improving the revelation execution. The last can get more positive information from different segment layers of the significant neural association figuring, and is especially centered around scenes with little articles. Differentiated and Faster R-CNN, you simply look once plan, (for instance, YOLOv3), single shot pointer, (for instance, SSD512), and other article revelation computations, the estimation proposed in this paper has an ordinary improvement of 6.857% on the mean typical precision (mAP) appraisal list while keeping up a particular audit rate. This unequivocally exhibits that the proposed methodology has higher ID rate and disclosure efficiency for this circumstance.


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