Stock Price Prediction using Prophet Facebook Algorithm for BBCA and TLKM


  • Sasmitoh Rahmad Riady Faculty of Informatics, Bina Insani University, Indonesia



Prophet Facebook, Stock Price, Prediction, RMSE, MSE and MAE


Stocks are an investment instrument that is starting to be in great demand by the public today. However, stock prices are fluctuating, making people feel doubts about when they are going to invest. To overcome these doubts, we need a way to predict stock prices. This study aims to predict stock price fluctuations using Facebook's Prophet Algorithm to help people decide their investment in stock. The research object used is BBCA and TLKM stock price data in the form of a time series from 03 May 2021 to 28 April 2022 with stock price testing data for the next week, namely 01 May 2022 to 07 May 2022. From the training and testing process done, a prediction is produced that is very close to the original value. Using the RMSE, MSE and MAE measurements, we get RMSE 49.6, MSE 2462.1 and MAE 37.5 for BBCA and RMSE stocks, namely 21.3, MSE 456.5 and MAE 19.2 for TLKM shares. The conclusion is that Facebook's Prophet Algorithm is suitable for predicting stock prices.


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