Design of Cooling and Air Flow System Using NDLC Method Based on TIA-942 Standards in Data Center at CV Media Smart Semarang


  • Septian Sony Hermawan School of Industrial and System Engineering, Telkom University
  • Rd Rohmat Saedudin School of Industrial and System Engineering, Telkom University



Data Center, Cooling System, Air Flow, TIA-942 Standard, NDLC Method


CV Media Smart is a company that involved in the procurement of IT tools in schools and offices. With wide range coverage of schools and companies, CV Media Smart want to add more business process, therefore data center is needed to support existing and added later business process. The focus of this research is on cooling system and air flow. To support this research, NDLC (Network Development Life Cycle) is used as research method. NDLC is a method that depend on development process, like design of business process and infrastructure design. The reason why this research is using NDLC method is because NDLC is method that depend on development process. The standard that used in this research is TIA-942. Result of this research is a design of data center that already meet TIA-942 standard tier 1.


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