Focus and Scope

International Journal of Advances in Data and Information Systems (IJADIS) invites original research papers, review articles, case studies and short communications that are not published or not being considered for publication.

IJADIS welcomes all topics that are relevant to data science, and information system. The listed topics of interest are as follows:

Data clustering and classifications
Statistical model in data science
Artificial intelligence and machine learning in data science
Data visualization
Data mining
Data intelligence
Business intelligence and data warehousing
Cloud computing for Big Data
Data processing and analytics in IoT
Tools and applications in data science
Vision and future directions of data science
Computational Linguistics
Text Classification
Language resources
Information retrieval
Information extraction
Machine translation
Sentiment analysis
Speech processing
Mathematical linguistics
NLP applications
Information Science
Cryptography and steganography
Digital Forensic
Social media and social network
Computational intelligence
Collective intelligence
Graph theory and computation
Network science
Modeling and simulation
Parallel and distributed computing
High-performance computing
Information architecture